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Crafts or Assembly Hobbies As a Business

Craft assembly jobs offer an excellent way of earning some extra income working at home doing something you enjoy. If you are good at crafts, assembly jobs working at home in your spare time can be quite lucrative. The amount you can earn will depend upon your level of skill in craft assembly: you need to be able to work fast but your work must be of professional standard. The big snag with trying to […]

Starting a Home Sewing Business

What Type Of Home Based Sewing Business Is Right For You? Anyone looking for ways to make money working at home should think about their skills and hobbies to see if they already have a passion or, at least, an interest that could be the basis for a profitable small business. Sewing is a good example of how this can work. If you have good sewing skills, you could easily use your talent as the […]

About Work At Home Sewing Jobs

Work at home sewing jobs are not easy to find because many manufacturers who previously would have employed people to do home sewing, now send the work abroad to take advantage of the cheap labour available in many countries. Finding a home sewing job depends upon you living reasonably close to a company that employs people to do sewing at home. The company normally delivers the work and collects the finished articles from outworkers. As […]