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Crafts or Assembly Hobbies As a Business


Craft assembly jobs offer an excellent way of earning some extra income working at home doing something you enjoy. If you are good at crafts, assembly jobs working at home in your spare time can be quite lucrative. The amount you can earn will depend upon your level of skill in craft assembly: you need to be able to work fast but your work must be of professional standard.

The big snag with trying to earn extra cash through crafts and assembly work from home is that legitimate craft assembly jobs are few and far between whereas craft assembly work at home scams are numerous and very easy to meet (we will look at a typical craft assembly work at home scam later). The situation is so bad that I have only found one craft assembly work at home program that is 100% safe to recommend and that is The Disciple’s Cross

People who make money from crafts and assembly work from home tend to treat their occupation as a part time source of additional income. If you want to make a full time income from craft work, you would be better off designing, making and selling your own unique craft products.

Many of the companies offering craft assembly jobs to home workers, will only pay up to a certain amount to each craft worker each month and the maximum earnings figure can be quite low. If you make your craft assembly skills the basis of a home business with your own unique products, your earning potential is unlimited.

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The way crafts and assembly work from home opportunities usually work is as follows: The craft assembly companies do not, as a rule, offer “jobs”; they provide a means to work on aself-employed basis. The craft worker purchases materials from the company, assembles the product and sends it to the craft assembly company for inspection. If the work passes inspection, the company will purchase the craft items from the worker. Any work not up to standard is returned. The craft worker is usually allowed to choose whether to resubmit the items after improving the quality or to sell the items privately (eg on eBay or at craft fairs). Sometimes, for instance if the assembly work involves making goods bearing a company name, it is not possible to sell the items elsewhere. In this case, the craft assembly worker has no option but to keep trying to pass the inspection.

Craft Assembly Job Scams

The following is an example of how craft assembly job scams work.

The ad will look something like this:

“We are looking for honest workers to assemble quality craft products from home. Make serious $$$$ making jewellery/children’s toys/decorative items. No experience necessary!”

The craft assembly worker starts by buying a starter kit from the company. After assembling the items from the kit, the craft worker sends then to the company for inspection. Often these craft assembly companies charge an inspection fee. The goods will be rejected on the grounds of failure to meet quality standards. The craft assembly worker is left with the option of paying a fee to have the goods returned or of writing off the inspection fee and the cost of the starter kit. Many of these craft assembly work at home companies will allow their workers to resubmit work for inspection an unlimited number of times. This is not surprising when they are charging a fee for the privilege. Unfortunately, the work never passes the company’s inspection. Actually, it is unlikely that any inspection ever takes place: the company makes its money from selling the starter kits and charging inspection fees.

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If you are skilled in any sort of craft work, you would be far better off avoiding these crafts and assembly work from home companies, buying your own materials from a reliable source and selling your craft products privately. Earning extra income from crafts and assembly work can consist of selling finished items on eBay, at local markets and at craft fairs. If you want to use your craft skills to build a full time home business, there are plenty of books to help you with design, ideas for marketing, taxation and general business management.

Craft Assembly – Home Business

If you can do craft assembly, paint, sew, glue, cut out, stencil, decorate, macramé, plaster mold, knit, crochet or embroider, there will be a way to utilise your skills. Here are a few ideas for crafts and assembly work you can do at home:

Assembly – Jewelry:

ethnic, contemporary and traditional beadwork, earrings, necklaces, pins, bracelets.

Crafts – Crochet, Knitting, Sewing:
sweaters, socks, caps, oven mitts, baby bibs, appliance covers, placemats, purses, diaper bags, bumper pads, stuffed animals, flowers.

Crafts and assembly – Handyman Skills:
hand paint, sand, assemble or decorate wooden jewelry boxes, coasters, plaques, barrettes, bookends, children’s toys, switch covers, picture frames.

This is just a short list of craft work at home ideas selected from craft assembly job websites. Hand made or hand finished craft items are always popular. With a little skill and initiative you can set up your own home business doing something you enjoy and making a profit from it without losing money to craft assembly job scam companies.