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Starting a Home Sewing Business

What Type Of Home Based Sewing Business Is Right For You?

Anyone looking for ways to make money working at home should think about their skills and hobbies to see if they already have a passion or, at least, an interest that could be the basis for a profitable small business. Sewing is a good example of how this can work. If you have good sewing skills, you could easily use your talent as the basis for a home based sewing business. There are many different types of sewing and any one of them could become your niche in the home sewing industry. Types of sewing include:

  • Sewing Clothing To Order. If you have excellent dressmaking/tailoring skills, good money can be earned by making clothing to order. You might offer a service making all types of clothing or you might prefer to specialise in garments such as maternity wear or men’s evening suits.
  • Sewing For Weddings. Many seamstresses make a living from sewing solely for weddings. Obviously sewing dresses for brides is the biggest part of this but there are also bridesmaids’ dresses, page boy outfits and all sorts of decorative wedding accessories.

Learn about The “Business” of Sewing: How to Start, Maintain and Achieve Success

    • Sewing For The Home. Creating accessories such as blinds, pillows, bedcovers etc to match customers’ interior home decor can be extremely lucrative. If you have good sewing skills but no background in interior design it is well worth taking some classes to improve your design skills if you want to get into this profitable market.
    • Sewing For Infants. “Old-fashioned” christening robes make wonderful family heirlooms and personalized items from bibs to bootees to crib covers make lovely gifts.
    • Sewing Accessories. Fashions come and go so quickly that sometimes the shops can’t keep up with the demand for things like bags in the latest shape, fabric or color. Fashion conscious people will be willing to pay a premium if you can make them the first to parade a shoulder bag or laptop bag in the current hot fashion color.
    • Sewing Toys. Soft toys have never shown any sign of going out of fashion and they are treasured by adults as well as children who receive them as gifts. Personalized cuddly animals are great gifts for babies and they are also popular as Valentine’s Day gifts.
    • Sewing For Pets. People who love their pets will pay high prices to get exactly what they want for their darlings. Dog coats are no longer just a practical garment used to keep furry friends warm in extreme temperatures. Modern pets need all sorts of creature comforts in the way of monogrammed bedding, initialed towels and fashionable outfits. If you can produce well-made pet clothing, you have a chance to establish yourself as part of a rapidly growing industry.

Learn about The “Business” of Sewing: How to Start, Maintain and Achieve Success

  • Sewing Alterations And Repairs. This is probably the least glamorous type of sewing business but it offers a steady source of income. To anyone who has reasonable sewing skills, it probably seems incredible that there are people in this world who can’t sew on a loose button, let alone replace a broken zipper, but thenumber of people who can’t sew far outnumbers the ones who can. Mundane tasks such as replacing buttons, sewing hems and repairing split seams are the bread and butter of many a home sewing business.

Depending upon your particular skills, it might be possible for you to combine two different types of sewing to widen your potential customer base but it is best not to try to build a home business where you would try to do all types of sewing. Stick to one or two types of sewing work and make sure you keep your skills updated in regard to modern techniques and materials as well as fashion trends.